Gomes Design & Technic designs and manufactures high-profile constructions

of different kinds. Our concepts are tailored to the needs of its clients and

give a lasting impression. Construction concepts of Gomes include the development

and the design, the project presentation with recognizable style, the detailed construction

planning and the construction supervision.

Our core competences are in the fields of architecture, interior design, ship- and

mechanical engineering and landscape architecture.

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Technology and Esthetics

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Headquarters Gomes Design & Technic Amselweg 11 CH-8836 Bennau Switzerland Manufactory Gomes Design & Technic Neutalstrasse 10 CH-8852 Altendorf Switzerland


Custom-Made and Serial

We design and implement high-profile constructions of all kinds.

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Products and services of Gomes Design & Technic stand for innovation and

high standards. We invest in research and development to go new ways

so that every dream comes true.

Background Images and All Credit by Gomes Design & Technic, APS AG/Giardina

Gomes Design & Technic is specialized to realize "Project X" with a twist.

Our expertise to handle different materials and master mechanics and electronics

open new possibilities to create superior projects.


Gomes Design & Technic


for the realization of new products

and structures of all types.

The founders

Nathalie Gomes and Miguel Zwimpfer

have deep roots in shipbuilding and architecture. With 20 years of experience in high class

design and planning they founded their company

Gomes Design + Technic in 2012.

Our Motto:

We give every project a face!


Our team of experts

is used to carry out unusual stunning projects.

Your wishes and goals

are our focus

to create paradise.


Projects of Gomes

are completely designed


Experience the art

of planning from

A to Z.


A "Project X"

needs constant support.

All our projects

are managed

on site

until their completion.



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Vivit The Wall Garden

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Official Homepage

Gomes Green Wall’s

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Special Kitchen Island

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Giardina ’16

Product range


Brand new design of concrete!

For the first time Gomes presented Circle-Lounge at the Giardina 2016.